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Don Schacter + Associates are a national rep organization covering all of Canada. Our 18 reps have experience in all retail levels including department store, mass merchants, grocery, supercentres, drug stores, homecentres, sports, specialty chains and individual stores. We have a large booth, #7035 in the Gourmet Housewares section of the Toronto Gift Show held  at the end of January and mid-August. 

We approach the market by understanding marketing not just sales. We aren’t your regular rep group; we want to know how your product fits and find ways to launch it or increase sales in Canada. We recognize that some products require more product knowledge. Read More


  New Featured Products
Premium Standing Solution

Premium Standing Solution…
Best in class…you stand on it, we stand behind it.
20 Year Warranty!

Price: Contact us for Details
Branch Hanger

Branch Hanger is lacquered cast iron in many colours

Price: N/A
Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand and cookbook stand in black, white & red

Price: N/A
Citrus Zinger

Citrus Zinger offers an easy way to extract the juice and flavours of your favourite citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water

Price: N/A
Kabrio Basket

Basket with built-in wooden table top. Has wine and cheese service for two. Made of willow with polyester canvas lining and lid. 14.5x10x11".

Price: N/A
Blanket Tote XL

Extra large outdoor picnic blanket with zippered pocket in flap and shoulder strap. Made of polyester fleece with water-resistant underside.

Price: N/A
Leaf Board

Leaf-shaped swivel-style cheese/cutting board with inlaid stripe design.

Price: N/A
Campsite Chair

Folding camp chair with zippered pocket on back of headrest, a mesh cup holder in the armrest and an optional pillow in the front of the headrest.

Price: N/A
Sport Citrus Zinger

Add a new twist to your next yoga class with the Citrus Zinger Sport. The convenient leak-free bottle includes a flip-up straw.

Price: N/A
Acacia Cheese Grater

Acacia Cheese Grater (includes hard and soft cheese blades). Arched grater surface adds strength to the 2 interchangeable stainless grater blades.

Price: N/A
Eco Teak Gadgets

The exquisite Eco Teak gadgets are handmade in the foothills of the mountains of Northern Thailand from reclaimed teak and solid brass.

Price: N/A

Each of our carved root products is uniquely beautiful and stands alone as a work of natural art. Rootworks items are carved from species of Chinese Fir called Shan Mu.

Price: N/A
Avocado Mango Wood

Our Mangocraft collection of stylish bowls, dishes, and trays are carved from mango trees grown in Thailand’s vast mango plantations.

Price: N/A

Antique offers the charm of antiquity with all the support and lasting comfort you have come to expect with all WellnessMats! 

Price: N/A
Dish Soap Dispenser



Price: N/A
Zingo Glass

 The Zingo Clear gives you a crystal clear view of your citrus infused water in a simple, light-weight bottle. 

Price: N/A
Citrus Zinger Gift Set

 Citrus Zinger Gift Set includes: Citrus Zinger Original, Cucumber Slicer, Kiwi Reamer

Price: N/A
The Flex Scrub

 The Flex Scrub is an ergonomic and fully flexible scrub brush designed to easily remove dirt and pesticides. f

Price: N/A
Tea Zinger Gift Set

Now you can create our own perfect tea blends by combining your favourite teas with fresh flavours.

Price: N/A
20 Year Warranty

 Now Wellness Mats offers a 20 year warranty!

Price: N/A

 The Finex 12" skillet was inspired by a time when polished cast iron skillet was at the heart of every American kitchen but designed to meet the expectation of today's cooks.

Price: N/A
12" Twin Spring Grill Pan

 Our 12" Twin Spring Grill Pan gets hotter than some Texas counties and is almost as wide.

Price: N/A
10" Skillet

 The 10" Skillet was born for searing hamburgers, golden pancakes or baking cornbread.

Price: N/A
Fitness Mat

 WellnessMats fitness mats are the ultimate workout tool for comfort, support, cleanliness & durability.

Price: NA
Silly Cones

Reusable ice cream cones. Food Safe and BPA free. Kids love them!

Price: NA
Big Fork

 Big Fork is an 11" giant cooking and serving fork perfect for use as a turner.

Price: NA

 The sinkstation colander provides this hygenic removable 'deck' at the base of your sink and helpfully allows the excess water to drain away underneath

Price: NA
Al Desko

 Al Desko is a stainless steel cutlery or flatware set with its own compact carry case.

Price: NA
Six Piece Set

 Aluuminized Steel is the material of choice for commercial bakeries Americoat Plus is a proprietary silicone coating.

Price: NA
Round Cake Pan

 Aluminized Steel and Americoat Plus a proprietary silcone coating. Sizes 8x2", 9x2", 10x2"

Price: NA
Muffin/Cake Pans

 USA Pan Bakeware is truly commercial! Heavy duty and durable, our pans are designed to meet the needs of the homebaker.

Price: NA
Packing Pan & Rack Set

Again we have Aluminized Steel and Americoat Plus proprietary silicone coating. Quarter Sheet, Jelly Roll, Half Sheet & Extra Large Sheet

Price: NA

 The Soft Touch Collection, the easy to grip top makes Roam a 100% leak tight. Liquid will stay hot up to 8 hours and cold for up to 18.

Price: NA

The Brewfish is a unique press, the fish like filter swims circles around all others. Full infusion is best for Coffee and Tea leaves.

Price: NA
Grate Grind

 The Grate Grind is the modern Mortar & Pestle. The porcelain grooves grind spices with a twist and a foodsafe cutting board pestle.

Price: NA
Auto Dog Mug

 The only travel mug for a dog in a car. The one handed dog hydration system. Squeeze & water is delivered into the bowl. Made is in Cali!

Price: NA

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